My dad immigrated to the U.S. from Honduras in 1967 with big dreams. He apprenticed as a lab technician for Ashland Optical in Manhattan, NYC. He went to night school to learn English and worked his way up. In 1971, he opened an optical lab in Westbury, NY. He owned Optic Lite, Inc. for just over 30 years. I started working for him part-time, after school and during summer breaks as a teenager. I also worked for my Papi for several years after graduating from college.


With my father retired, I took the knowledge I learned from him to the web. My hope is that my experience will benefit all who come across our site.

We're a small, family owned optical. If there's an eyeglass offering on our website that you don't see, feel free to contact me and I'll try to make it happen. Please note, that as of Fall of 2023, not all lenses are made in our office. Some lenses like executives are made with a vendor lab.

Now........enjoy a picture my 6-year old daughter drew of our family! I don't know why she drew a Santa Claus version of me.

Thank you!