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How to Measure Your P.D. Pupillary Distance at Home

How to Measure Your PD for GlassesPupillary Distance (P.D.) is the distance measured in millimeters between the centers of the pupils of the eyes. This measurement is different from person to person, and depends on whether they are looking at o…
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Reading Glasses for Dad on Father's Day

One of the best things about giving reading glasses as a gift is that they can be used daily, providing your dad with improved vision and greater ease in reading books, newspapers, and magazines. Additionally, our reading glasses are designed to b…
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Anteojos Para Leer Hombre

Anteojos Para Leer Hombre A menudo es difícil para las personas con cabezas grandes encontrar anteojos de lectura cómodos. Los brazos sienes pueden apretar los lados de la cabeza y las almohadillas nasales pueden pellizcar el puente de la nari…
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