Blue Light Protection Lenses

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How Does Blue Light Affect Me?

What's blue light? It's emitted all around us. From screens on our laptops, mobile phones and even the sun. Long exposure to short wavelengths of blue light can give us headaches, strained eyes and can even interrupt our sleep. Blue light can suppress Melatonin. This is a hormone that helps us sleep at night.

Thankfully, adding a blue light filter to your lenses can help protect against digital eye strain. It can protect your eyes from harmful blue light, potentially reducing the chance of eye diseases in the future. We do not guarantee that blue light blocking lenses will protect you from eye diseases. Genetics can play a role in eye diseases as well as other external factors.

  • This is an add-on feature for our reading glasses only. Anti-reflective and blue block coatings for prescription lenses are additional. Please contact us for a quote.
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