Bifocal Safety Glasses for Looking Up Close Overhead at Work

Dual Bifocal Glasses for Looking Up at Work

I was talking to an electrician regarding a typical day at work. He mentioned that he often has a tough time looking at things up close when he's working on a unit that's located above him. He said that if I can make him glasses that have magnification strength on the top portion of the lenses, that would help him do his job more easily. 

Unfortunately, not everything in this world is located straight ahead or down and in like when reading a book. Often times in our work lives or hobbies, objects that we need to see at intermediate or near aren't conveniently located. They can be up, down, left, right, diagonal or just about anywhere. This is where occupational glasses come in handy. 

Professionals such as pilots, electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, auto mechanics, X-ray technicians, plant and warehouse workers often need magnification above their vision. They often have to look up to see small details they're working on. If they have traditional bifocals that are located on the bottom of the lens, which is designed for looking down, they have to tilt their head back to see something up high. Try a whole day of doing this and I think you'll agree that this is mechanically impossible and literally a pain in the neck!

Bifocals and trifocals to help you see clearly up close, both when looking down to read and when looking overhead to view a control panel.

Double Segment Bifocals for Looking Up Close Overhead and Down

The tradespeople mentioned above or people that work in factories or plants have consoles or parts they have to work on that are above their line of vision. If this is you, you need that magnification to work overhead, but if the bifocal segment is located at the bottom of the lens, it makes it tough to do your job!

We can add occupational lenses to most any frame. Please have a look at our catalog links below.

You can also use your own frame (our lab will be careful as possible with your frame, but this work is done at your own risk).

Reading glasses with overhead magnification

Double D occupational trifocal lenses help tradesman perform a task. We can make these lenses for you with (plano) or without a prescription. Please contact us or call (484) 504-9144 if you have any questions. We can help you make your job easier!