Can I Have Lenses Put in My Existing Frame?

Where Can I Get Replacement Lenses for My Frame?

If you have an optical frame you would like to have prescription lenses inserted, we can help! Many optical stores, like Walmart for example, have a policy against providing lenses only without frames.

We can get replacement lenses for most any optical frame, brand or frame shape. 

New lenses for your frames:

We'll email you a ship label. Just print it out, ship your glasses in a sturdy box along with your prescription with some packaging material to keep the frames from rattling around inside the box while in transit. Our lab will grind your lenses to your Rx.

Best Replacement Lenses for Eyeglass Frames

Single vision



Sunglass lenses

Reading glasses

Distance vision  

Transitons, photochromic lenses

Anti-blue light blocking

Digital Freeform progressives


Anti Reflective Coatings

New Lenses for Glasses

Our lenses include a 60-day return policy. 

If you're ready to get started, contact us with your frame and prescription info.

Our lenses include a 60-day return policy. Please note that we will be as careful as possible with your frame. Should they break while in the process of having lenses inserted, we will try our best to repair them. Over time, eyeglass frames can weaken or dry out making them more prone to breakage. We are therefore not responsible for breakages that occur during processing.