How to Remove the Printed Logo from Eyeglass Lens

Instructions for Removing the Brand Logo from the Lens of Your Eyeglass Frame

So you got a nifty pair of designer glasses but it has the brand name on the demo lens or lenses. No worries, it's pretty easy to remove. To remove the logo from your eyeglasses, you will need:

  • Acetone or nail polish remover with acetone
  • Cotton swab
  • Goggles and face mask

Before you proceed:

If the frame is made of plastic... DO NOT GET ANY ACETONE ON THE FRAME- THE ACETONE WILL MELT THE PLASTIC AND BLEMISH THE FRAME. If the frame is metal, please proceed below- metal will generally stand up against acetone, however, try not to get any on the frame regardless.

Dip one end of the cotton swab into the acetone. Rub the end of the cotton swab onto the logo in a circular motion. The print should start coming off. Some logos are tougher to remove than others, but, keep trying until it comes off. Keep applying acetone as needed until the logo is removed. Once the logo is removed, wait a few minutes for the acetone to evaporate. Once you see the acetone has dried, rinse the area of the lens where the acetone was with soap and water to clean any residue left over. Your sample lenses should be clear..........Enjoy!

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Disclaimer- Frame materials are generally consistent, however, some manufacturers may use composite material or different material to make their frames. Therefore, please take caution not to get any acetone on your frame. Please also be careful when using acetone. Recommend using a mask and gloves. Lens materials are also pretty standard so your lens should withstand acetone. Again, lens material may vary with manufacturer so we can't guarantee your lens won't get damaged.