Progressive Reading Glasses Without a Prescription?

Invisible Bifocal Readers

Over the counter multifocal reading glasses are cheaters you can buy from a chain drug store or a big box retailer that have variable focus in the lenses. They are NOT meant to replace progressive glasses prescribed by your eye doctor. Many people indeed use store bought progressive readers for everyday use in lieu of going through with prescription progressive glasses so to save money. Progressive lenses from an optical store can run into the hundreds of dollars.

Progessive Readers

Most no line reading glasses serve as working readers or computer readers. They're meant to be used within your proximity. Hence, they're great for reading a book, looking at your laptop, computer monitor or phone or having a conversation with a coworker sitting next to you. They have slight magnification on the top portion of the lenses (about half the strength of the reading portion). For instance, if the normal reading power you use is +2.00, the top portion of the lenses will be about +1.00.

Progressive Reading Glasses Clear on Top

These are bifocal reading glasses with no magnification on the top portion of the lenses. They allow someone to use their readers for activities other than tasks that are within their vicinity. However, it is still important to see your doctor to get your eyes examined. Multifocal readers with no power on the top portion will not correct for conditions such as Astigmatism, Myopia or Hyperopia

Many people will use their contact lenses with clear on top reading glasses so they can watch TV and do other tasks while using their needed contact prescription. This can be a useful method to get more tasks done and make life easier. However, please talk to your eye doctor if you are considering doing this. Your eye professional will not only advise on your eye health needs but will also check the overall health of your eyes. As we age, we are more susceptible to diseases such as Glaucoma or Cataracts.

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